The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition, Blue Ocean Analytics and The Elevated Studio, have collaborated to create a unique resilience program for local governments, residents and neighborhoods for areas of communities that are affected by flooding. The Hazard Elimination and Loss Prevention (H.E.L.P.) program is designed to be a full implementation of various grant programs and funding streams, which will help elevate and mitigate your most high flood risk properties.   Communities that contract the H.E.L.P. alliance to implement grant programs get a full implementation: Community outreach, stakeholder application completion and screening, community application, and overseeing each grant projects full post award implementation. 

For individuals who want to elevate their home without a grant, and independent of the community, or for communities who want parts of the H.E.L.P. program (and not the full implementation), the MCC has a H.E.L.P. "menu" where you can pick which parts you would like assistance with.  

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