While reading a flood map can help guide you on what your flood risk is, a flood zone determination is the only official way to know what flood zone you are in. This establishes your requirement to carry flood insurance and your insurance rate. The Know Flood Zone Determination is a guaranteed product, which means the accuracy is guaranteed. This is the same tool lenders use to decide if you are “in or out” of the high risk flood zone. You will need a determination of your own to challenge a lenders determination.

Along with our guaranteed determination comes the “Massive” report, which is one of the most comprehensive flood information reports available. It shows a map of your property, tells you the next closest flood zone, estimated ground elevation and more. All included in the price of the zone determination.

This is an ideal tool for real estate professionals looking to inform potential sellers and buyers.

A portion of each service purchased is donated directly to the MCC.  The MCC is a registered 501c3 charitable organization.  This risk service is provided by MassiveCert, Inc.  MCC cannot be held liable for any of the information or services provided. 

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