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    Welcome everyone to the Know Flood Forum.  The purpose of this forum is to answer your questions on flood insurance and related issues, along with providing a community of stakeholders to ask questions and comments around important flood related issues. 

    This forum is NOT for being critical, spreading mis-information, and being rude or inconsiderate to fellow coalition members.  The following rules will be followed at all times: 

    • The forum is for MCC Members only 
    • Any content deemed by the forum moderators as inconsistent with the MCC mission or forum rules will not be allowed to be posted.  Members that violate this rule multiple times will be blocked from posting 
    • The forum is meant as a support group and for information that is truthful.  The moderators have the right to remove or correct miss-information posted
    • All forum content will be reviewed before it is posted 

    In this thread, post your forum ideas and thoughts, comments and questions about how we are doing and more.  Thank you for your interest!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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