All Relevant Information on Risk Rating 2.0

FEMA has released an immense amount of information and data on Risk Rating 2.0, also known as "Equity in Action". In order to present the most relevant information to you, all in one place, the MCC has created this Risk Rating 2.0 page. This page will be updated frequently. Because there is a constant release of information, we may not be sending out an email every time a piece of data is released. Rather, please check here every two weeks or so where new information will be posted. Last update: Nov 14th.

Are you a Know Flood Advanced member?  More information such as Risk Rating 2.0 trainings and more is accessible by accessing your membership page HERE. 

Critical Risk Rating 2.0 Links:

FEMA’s official website for all Risk Rating 2.0 information and data.  Included here is Risk Rating methodology, a helpful video, and links to other related pages 

The official page of all State, County and Zip Code 2.0 projections


Risk Rating 2.0

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