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National flood insurance program lapses in shutdown

After months of uncertainty and concern with the state of the National Flood Insurance Program, the fears of coastal property owners have come true: the program has expired due to a failure in Congress to pass a budget.



Local experts offer advice for homeowners considering flood insurance claim

MARSHFIELD — As seaside residents assess any damage done to their homes by last week’s storm, they should know their options before filing flood insurance claims, local experts say. The nor’easter brought tides that were nearly record-setting.



Mass. Coastal Communities Deal With Flood Damage After Storm

Coastal Massachusetts communities hit hard by flooding during high tide in Thursday’s massive snowstorm are starting to clean up from the damage left behind. In Scituate, hundreds of residents are still without power after a seawall failed during the storm, causing water to flood homes and business along Oceanside Drive, Lighthouse Road, Rebecca Road, Sixth Avenue, and Seventh Avenue.



For some, storms show towns more resilient against flooding

MARSHFIELD – Glenda Adams said it wasn’t exactly convenient when the town rebuilt the seawall separating her Foster Avenue home from the ocean. The new sea wall, built in 2015, is about 3 feet taller and 6 inches thicker than the previous wall, which was more than 80 years old.


JOE ROSSI: Hurricanes underscore need for national flood insurance

Hurricane Harvey will most likely go down as the most devastating natural disaster in US history. The disaster still unfolding shows the toll on both human life and the financial burdens on both the public and private sectors.



Will Harvey have an impact on New England insurance premiums? – The Boston Globe

The images on our TVs of streets turned into rivers in Houston are sparking flashbacks of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. That 2005 Gulf of Mexico storm had a big impact here in Massachusetts. That’s because the financial drain on the National Flood Insurance Program prompted Congress to pass a major insurance reform bill in 2012 that caused premiums to rise significantly for many properties here.



More Mainers in flood-hazard zones going without insurance policies

Hundreds of Maine households have dropped their flood insurance policies in recent years, boosting the risk of unrecoverable losses the next time severe flooding hits the state. As of June 30, there were only 8,380 active flood insurance policies in Maine under the National Flood Insurance Program, down 9 percent from five years earlier, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.



Repeat claims inundate federal flood insurance program

As Congress works out the differences in several bills to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, a local flood insurance expert says lowering the number of properties that put in repeat flood claims is a top priority. Joe Rossi, chairman of the Marshfield and Massachusetts coastal coalitions, said 150,000 buildings across the country are considered problem structures.



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