Continuing and exciting 2015

The Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalitions is fresh off our latest national effort, returning from the 2015 Property Casualty Insurers Official National Flood Insurance Conference. This conference has, once again, shown Marshfield as leaders in national flood issues.   On the first day of the two-day conference, the conference started with a round table discussion with […]

Representing Marshfield Nationally

Our efforts to reform the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) continue. Later in March, the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition will begin conference calls with stakeholder groups within Massachusetts in order to start the reform of the NFIP, which will be reauthorized by Congress in 2017. However, because the NFIP is a Federal program, the reform requires […]

Marshfield as a coastal community

After the recent blizzard Juno, the focus once again turns to our coast, however this time, at a national level. Whether it is national television or national newspapers talking about Marshfield’s seawall failures, or the destruction of homes the storm left behind, there is now attention, both good and bad, being brought to Marshfield. What’s […]

Going forward in 2015

2014 was a very busy year for the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition and flood insurance issues. With regular updates, a continuation of our educational program, a brand new state of the art website, and forming into a Federally tax recognized community organization which allows us to fundraise, we are now ready to move full speed […]

Flood is still an issue

Back in March, with the work of local, state and federal lawmakers and citizen groups across the country, a new law was passed to amend the Biggert-Waters Act called the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act, better known as HFIAA. This amendment was a great relief to homeowners and communities, as it restored things like grandfathering, […]

On our way to winning the war

This past week, several battles were won on our way to a truly sustainable National Flood Insurance Program. On January 30th, the U.S. Senate passed the Home Owner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, Senate Bill 1846. The Act, which would pauses the Biggert-Waters Act for four years for many, passed the Senate 67 to 32. This […]

Going Regional

When the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition started working on the flood insurance issue earlier this year, we understood that we would be up against something we could not do alone. So to understand the significance of starting a regional coastal group, we need to understand where we are on the issue right now.   Since the […]

Map appeal and what’s next

October 16th marked the end of the map appeal period for Marshfield and Scituate. The appeal period, spanning 90 days and beginning back in July, gives communities the opportunity to dispute the FEMA flood maps by issuing an appeal. An appeal must prove the flood maps are wrong based on scientific evidence. The easiest way […]

Supporting Seawall Article

Supporting Seawall Article   If you ask anyone who moved to Marshfield why they chose to move here, there are a variety of answers you may receive. They moved here because of the schools, Marshfield has an excellent school system. They may say it’s close to their place of employment; Marshfield is centrally located on […]

What we are working on

As the weather reports came in the first week of February, it was clear Marshfield was going to get a lot of snow, and the coastal region was looking at damaging surf and strong winds   After the blizzard, we asked coastal residents to send us damage info via email, which we then sent to the […]