CRS Symposium- Thank You!

Thank you for attending the 2019 CRS Symposium on the North Shore on June 13th.  Your participation is vital to the implementation of CRS in our communities. The presentations and resources that were presented are now available online at the link below: and look for the “CRS” tab. Our next step is to work with […]

Hurricane Preparedness- Be Ready

Are you prepared for a Hurricane? This past week was Hurricane Preparedness Week. As we prepare to enter hurricane season, its important to not only remember that Massachusetts can, and has, experienced devastating hurricanes, but also to check in on your own personal preparedness. We remind you to check:-Your insurance coverages-Your hurricane and Nor’easter preparedness […]

Sue’s Flood Real Estate Tips: Get a grant? Might need a loan.

Did you know that if you are awarded a Federal grant to elevate and improve your property to protect it from flooding, you must pay for the improvements and wait for reimbursement?  If you need to elevate your home, relocate utilities, or add other flood mitigation measures to reduce the risk of flood damage and lower your flood insurance premiums this […]

Breaking: NFIP Legislative Activity

Breaking: NFIP Legislative ActivityIn the past week, there has been a flurry of legislative activity related to the reform of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).Four bills released: The House Financial Services Committee released four NFIP reform draft pieces of legislation. They focus around mapping, claims, affordability and mitigation. If you are a member, you can […]