Email 11/15

Proposed Legislation
Many of you have heard about the proposed legislation from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, set to pause the Biggert-Waters Act for four years.  While we are happy to be getting congressional attention, as we read into the bill, this bill it is only a start.  We have done a lot of analysis, and while much of the bill is clear, some is also still confusing.  Our summary of the bill, who is protected under it and who is not as it is currently understood, it here (download 4):  It is bill H.R.3370.  The U.S. House of Representatives plans on trying to vote on this before years end.  But remember, this is NOT a done deal.  We are however, very hopeful this will pass and there is a lot of talk in Washington it should pass.  Go to the link below to tell all the co-signers YOU SUPPORT the bill:

Regional Group
The next step for us at the MCCC is to focus how the final piece of legislation should be written once the 4 year pause in H.R.3370 is over.  This is going to be done best in a regional way, so we are starting the South East Regional Coastal Coalition. There will be a first meeting of the South East Regional Coastal Coalition on November 21st at 7:00pm at St Anns Parish Hall, 591 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA.  This will be an introductory meeting to start to exchange information, outline our goals, figure out meetings going forward, and more.  This meeting is open to all communities, and we encourage as many communities as possible to participate.  We have a much stronger voice unified as a region.