Update: Isaias Impact on New England

Storm To Arrive Tomorrow Hurricane Isaias will arrive in New England between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Currently, most of our area is in a Tropical Storm Warning, and will affect most areas for 6-12 hours.  According to NOAA, New England should be prepared for:-Wind gusts of 40 to 60 mph across parts of the region (not […]

Keeping an Eye on Isaias

Watching Isaias In the last 24 hours, NOAA has the projected track of Hurricane Isaias to have the eye of the storm track over southern Massachusetts sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday. Right now, the storm is projected to be a tropical storm at that time, with sustained winds around 65mph with gusts around 75mph.  The […]

Upcoming Events: National Flood Conference

Upcoming Events: National Flood Conference Each year, Chair and Executive Director Joe Rossi speaks at the National Flood Conference.  This conference is a gathering of industry experts and those that are interested in flood insurance to hear various topics in regards to the NFIP, flood mapping, the future of flood insurance and more.   This year, […]

Attend a Free Webinar by the MCC

The MCC presents Flood Risk Fridays, free half hour webinars on important flood risk topics.  These once a month webinars adds to the MCC portfolio of informing stakeholders about flood risk issues that matter.  Register for any of the following webinars:  Questions on CRS and other flood premiums- Join the MCC on Facebook Live as we review […]

MCC Speaking Locally

Come hear the MCC speak! Whether you’re a real estate professional, insurance agent or interested in flood issues, Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors Joe Rossi will be speaking at several local and regional events in the coming weeks: September 11th- Massachusetts Association of Realtors Conference- 10:00am to 10:45am- Mass Mutual Center, meeting […]

Hurricane Dorian- Always Be Prepared

As Hurricane Dorian becomes a major hurricane in the Atlantic, we send our best to those in the South East. Dorian’s track is uncertain, but the latest forecast has Dorian curving away from Florida and impacting the Georgia and Carolina coasts.Impacts to New England are uncertain, but could mean tropical storm force winds and tropical […]