Email 11/4

Welcome to another update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition

Proposed Legislation
Many of you have heard about the proposed legislation from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, set to pause the Biggert-Waters Act for four years.  While we are happy to be getting congressional attention, as we read into the bill, it is only a start.  For example, it only pauses rates for grandfathered and pre-FIRM homes.  Businesses, second homes and repetitive losses are still going to see rate increases.  The MCCC executive board has a meeting this week to dive into the legislation to start to figure out better what it does and does not do, and we will be able to report later this week with more detail.  Go       to support H.R. 3370

Regional Group
The next step for us at the MCCC is to focus how the final piece of legislation should be written.  This is going to be best done in a regional way, so we are starting the South East Regional Coastal Coalition.  This group will focus on information exchange, how to work together, but also how the new legislation should be written, in a way that is affordable to homeowners and citizens.  This group will meet in the middle of November.

Legislative Outreach
This Wednesday, November 6th, there will be a public forum to discuss legislation that would delay the implementation of certain parts of the new federal flood insurance law. It is being held by U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, and will be at Hingham Town Hall at 7 p.m.  If you cannot make it, the MCCC will be there to represent Marshfield citizens.

Legislative Update Page
Our website now has a legislative update page.  Check here for State and Federal updates on legislation.  Link here: