Email 1/29/14

Statement on White House Response to S. 1926

Yesterday, after the White House responded in opposition to S. 1926, the national coalition the MCCC is a member of, CSFI, issued a statement about the need the amend Biggert-Waters.  That statement can be found at the link below:

Our own State Rep. Jim Cantwell also issued the statement below:

“Continued Flood Insurance Update: Friends, the flood insurance issue continues to be an example where individual voices make a big difference despite the fact that almost daily challenges arise. The great news yesterday is that the US Senate voted 86-13 to proceed with legislation that will freeze flood insurance rates on primary homeowners who have not experienced repetitive damage to their homes. Please take a moment today to thank both Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Ed Markey for their strong support (e-mail addresses and phone numbers to follow below.) Votes on the underlying bill could be completed as early as Wednesday this week. However, to show what a complicated challenge this is: despite this overwhelming, bi-partisan support for this compromise legislation, the President’s Administration sent a statement last night opposing key elements of the bill (the four year freeze and one element proposed for an interstate insurance board.) We’re already busy this AM communicating our concerns to federal legislators and the Governor, and I’ve scheduled a meeting with MA. state legislators tomorrow. With your calls/e-mails hopefully our US Senators can help meaningful relief pass this week! Please contact Senator Warren and Senator Markey to thank them for their support of the “Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act” (also called the Menendez-Isakson bill named for the two lead Senate sponsors.) Believe me that your individual contact makes a difference!”

While the White House’s opposition does not mean the bill would get vetoed, it does mean that we must continue to fight in the coming weeks and months to amend the Biggert-Waters Act.

We have some exciting new website features and events coming in the next month, and will update you as soon as we finalize them!