Email 10/23

Welcome to another update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition

Our Focus
Now that, for the moment, the flood insurance rate map appeal has been submitted and we are waiting for a response from FEMA, our focus is shifting to the legislation.  We are currently organizing with other communities to work on the legislation the way that we, as homeowners and citizens, believe it should read, since we hold the burden of paying the premiums.   Our next public event will be within the next few weeks, and we are working on organizing it now.  While the details are still in the works, the event will be to address the legislation.  We are holding a private meeting this week to organize our next steps, and will have more to report early next week.

Tomorrow we will be rolling out our “Legislation” page.  This page will allow you to contact our federal legislators directly, see updates to federal and state legislation, and download the latest legislative documents.

Collage Project
Don’t forget, we are still working on our photo collage project.  Please either email us, or submit online on our photo gallery, a photo of you in front of your house so we can show FEMA who is really being affected by the remapping and legislation.