Email 11/26

Welcome to an update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition

Last week we had the first meeting of what is now known as the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition (MCC).  We had several South Shore communities involved.  The greater discussion, however, is how the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition fits together with the national coalition we are members of.  The Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance, or CSFI, will start to hold yearly meetings in the first quarter of next year.  We hope to send delegates from the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition to represent all of us.  Minutes from the meeting will be available at the MCC website at weeks end, which is

Letter To Congress
The first action item of the MCC is a letter drafted and approved by its member communities to urge Congress to pass H.R. 3370.  We are  actively looking for other organizations and communities to be co-signers of the letter.  The letter is also on the MCC website.

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!