Email 9/17

This is another critical update with some very recent news and upcoming events.

September 28th Rally
As some of you may know, there is a national “Stop FEMA Now” day on September 28th at 12 noon.  We are working with Scituate to organize the rally.  While details are still being worked out, it looks as if we are leaning towards holding the event in Scituate that day.  We will send out another email as details emerge.

Map Appeal
The Map Appeal workshop went very well.  We collected a lot of data and will be meeting this Thursday with specialists to look over everything.  The Town of Marshfield has also announced it will be hiring firms to attempt to appeal the maps.  While the Town is trying to appeal, we are also going to be moving forward with ours.  In our view, the more appeals the better.   Our appeal will be focused differently then the Towns with the same objective; to change our maps.   Many of you have asked where you can drop off information if you were not able to make the September 12th meeting.  There are three options.  Either on our website (digital form), mail it to our address, 41 Quail Run, Marshfield, or shoot us an email and we can swing by and pick it up.

Web Site
The website is undergoing changes to reflect the constantly changing information.  We will have the website updated by Wednesday of this week.

Picture Project
By the suggestion of a Marshfield Citizen Coastal Coalition member (remember, you are all participating members) we are moving forward with a collage project to show the devastation these maps will cause but we need your help!  Please send a photo of you in front of your home and we will be putting these into a collage to show the faces of those affected by this.  Pictures speak much louder then words.

Other information
The next few weeks will be busy for the Town of Marshfield, others, and us.  This week, Representative Jim Cantwell will be going to Washington to express to congress the views held by many here about our displeasure in the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).  We will be giving him our points on what is wrong with both Biggert-Waters and the FIRM maps so that we can reinforce the fact that these maps are wrong.   Also on the 25th of September, the Town of Marshfield will be holding an open house to view the FIRM maps.  We will update you as we learn more information.

We will be sending out another update as soon as we learn more in regards to our appeal and the September 28th “Stop FEMA Now” Rally.  Again, check the website and spread the word.


Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition