Email 8/13

We had a wildly successful outreach this past Thursday, with close to 150 citizens in attendance. We had feedback from citizens, and all the way from FEMA and NFIP. We were told we were clear, simple, and, while there may still be some confusion, at least we are all on the same page to begin to move forward. I have received a lot of emails from citizens asking for help, and we are now getting to those.

We want to correct one item discussed. While we were told the town has a CRS discount of 10%, right now we are not receiving the discount. However, town officials are working to correct this and we thank them for their hard work.

The website now has our slide show and handouts from the outreach. We have also put our “Streets of Concern” list on the website as well. While there are many areas that remain in their flood zone but have seen a BFE increase, this list contains streets with properties that have either seen a flood zone change or have been added to the flood zone. We have received data that will break this down by property, but we are going to discuss its release at our next executive board meeting.

The next executive board meeting will be this Wednesday, August 14th at 6:00pm. We are working on a location and will notify everyone when that occurs. We will be discussing our next outreach and more next steps, including developments since our outreach. This meeting, like all of our meetings, is open to the public.

Many of you are wondering what may be next. At our meeting we will be discussing how to approach a map appeal and more on the LOMA and other LOMA like applications.

In the mean time, remember, the best way to help is spread the word, both about the data from the outreach, and also the data on the website.