Email 8/18

Good Evening,
Welcome to another update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition.

After our meeting last week, we have decided to have another Outreach the last week of August.  Exact date, place, and time are not yet known.

The official FEMA FIRM map meeting has been set for September 4th at 7:00pm at the Furnace Brook Middle School Marshfield. FEMA and DCR will be present to discuss the proposed map changes, why the maps were changed, and  how the changes were developed.  This is one of two meetings FEMA and DCR will have in all of Plymouth County, so please try to attend.

We have also become members of a group called Greater New Orleans Inc.  This group will represent us nationally to modify the laws the new FIRM maps are based on.  They also have a weekly conference call we are involved in every Friday.   This networking has already greatly helped us in our search to appeal our FIRM maps.  We have talked to leaders in the New Orleans area and this networking nationally will benefit all of us.  As always we are networking with our friends in Scituate, and more recently in Hingham as well.

Also, we have a major website update that is almost complete.  We are working out a few small bugs, but visit it to see the great changes.

As always, contact us with any comments or questions at our email address below.

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Thanks again, and we will email you with updates later in the week,

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