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Part 2 of Biggert-Waters goes into effect TODAY
The following goes into effect today:
-Owners of subsidized policies on property that has experienced severe or repeated flooding will
see 25 percent rate increase annually until rates reflect true risk
-Owners of subsidized policies on business non-residential properties In a Special Flood Hazard
Area will see 25 percent rate increase annually until rates reflect true flood risk

Rally Update:
We had a spectacular Making Waves rally this past Saturday.  We had over 300 people, and had a bunch of local radio, newspaper and TV in attendance.  In attendance to speak was Rep. Jim Cantwell, Rep. Garrett Bradley, Sen. Bob Hedlund, AG Martha Coakley, Congressman Steve Lynch, Dave Ball from the Scituate Coastal Coalition and Joe Rossi from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition.  A great article on the rally in the Patriot Ledger is here:

Congressional Support:
In addition to our entire federal delegation, and congressmen, congresswomen, and senators from all across the country, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the co-spnsor of the Biggert-Waters Act, has issued a statement stating she no longer supports the act, and is in the works to amend it.  This statement was issued on the eve of our rally, and in response to our rally and others across the country.  The letter is on our website under the “In the Media” tab.  This truly shows our voices ARE BEING HEARD!