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Good evening,
For those of you who are new to our email list, welcome to another Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition (MCCC) update.

The MCCC met last Wednesday, the 17th of July to discuss big changes coming to our FEMA flood maps and our flood insurance rates.  There is so much to explain on both issues, and so much information coming out; There are several bullet points below to keep in mind:

•    There is A GOOD CHANCE these changes WILL affect you if you are in the flood plain.

•    If you were once not in the flood plain, you may now be in it.  Check our web site (link below) to look up your house on the new FEMA flood map.

•    We have an outreach on August 8th, at 7:00pm at Saint Ann’s Parish Hall to give all accurate information on the changes coming. We strongly encourage people to attend.

•    For those at our last meeting, FEMA has verified coastal infrastructure WAS taken into consideration, both new and old, in the new maps.

The MCCC executive board has a private meeting tonight to finalize our timeline on map appeals process, our further actions, and State and Federal deadlines.  We have an online calendar on our website (link below) that will have all important dates on it after tonight.

Many have asked how to join / help.  Because the MCCC is a citizens group and not a Marshfield Town Government committee, you are all members.  You can all participate at an equal level.  We have an executive board that focuses on organization of topics, direction, and other organizational pieces.  We are open to requests to be on the executive board but it requires a dedication of regular participation.  Email us at for more details.

There was a great article in the Marshfield Mariner on some of the changes, link here:

Link to our web site:

Thank you and please spread the word,

Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition