Whether it be a pre or post disaster outreach, informational meeting on flood insurance, or a CRS public meeting, the MCC organizes it all.  For over the last 10 years, the MCC has specialized in community outreach to communicate flood hazards, flood insurance, floodplain management issues and more.  The MCC can also perform flood workshops, where the MCC and its partners help the residents of a community understand their flood policies, flood risk and answer individualized questions. 

Pre and Post Disaster Outreach

The MCC set a precedent in 2018 by hosting pre and post disaster outreaches across Massachusetts in response to the flooding from the winter storms.  These outreaches focused on the financial resources available after an event, navigating the claims process, and how to elevate a home.  For both pre and post disaster outreaches, the MCC brings in experts including state officials, other nonprofits and experts in claims and recovery.  The outreaches help guide stakeholders through what can be a very difficult time. 

New Flood Maps 

The MCC has become specialists in guiding a community through changing flood maps.  The MCC is nationally recognized in this space, and is called on by communities all over the country to help better understand the implications of what new maps mean.  A MCC new flood map outreach helps residents understand general and specific impacts of a map change, why it happens, and resources to answer specific questions.  Similar to the pre and post disaster outreaches, the MCC brings experts in several areas to assist, and each outreach is customized for the community. 

General Outreach 

Sometimes a community just wants stakeholders and residents to better understand flood risk.  This can be an hour long meeting or a full day workshop.  The MCC has specialized in this space for over a decade, and will customize the outreach per the communities needs.

CEU Classes

The MCC offers continuing education (CEU) courses for real estate and insurance professionals. The continuing Education programs vary in length and credits, but are a great addition to an event or stand alone educational need.  Check our Events page found here to find upcoming CEU opportunities, registration links, and courses that can be offered to you and your organization.  The MCC only asks for a suggested donation (donation form found here).  To request a CEU class, fill out the form below.

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