Potential Impacts from Hurricane Jose

There is no doubt that Hurricane Jose will impact our area.  As of right now, the storm is a Hurricane.  And while experts believe the storm will impact us as a tropical storm, the facts remain that our impacts could be: High winds (60mph+) 1-6 Inches of rain Coastal erosion and flooding  Power outages  Downed […]

Why we need the NFIP now more than ever

Hurricane Harvey will most likely go down as the most devastating natural disaster in US history.  The disaster still unfolding shows the toll on both human life and the financial burdens on both the public and private sectors.  The NFIP is a federal program, one that insures homes and businesses against the peril of flood, […]

NFIP Extended Until December 8th

NFIP Extended Until December 8th A short-term extension of the NFIP was tucked into an agreement to provide billions in disaster aid for Hurricane Harvey, raise the debt ceiling and keep the government from shutting down. The Senate passed the package Thursday by an 80-17 vote, The House passed it on Friday.   The package will extend the reauthorization […]

MCCC Statement on Hurricane Harvey

Our thoughts and prayers are with those deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey.  As reports come in, we have seen an endless amount of destruction in the greater Houston area.  Over 10 trillion gallons of rain have fallen, and early estimates put total damage around $40 Billion.   We encourage our members to help in some […]