Mandatory Purchase: Bigger Than The Banks

Written By: Joe Rossi, ANFI, CFM Flood Specialist, Rogers and Gray Insurance Chair and Executive Director, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition Tim Carty Owner, Murphy Carty Insurance Director, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition   Congress enacted the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1968, intending to provide flood coverage because private insurance no longer offered it.  By 1973, only […]

ABA Summer Newsletter: National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization and Reform

By: Joe Rossi, Flood Specialist at Rogers and Gray Insurance and Chair of the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition Ed Thomas, Attorney, floodplain manager and disaster and recovery specialist The ABA in 2017 passed a Resolution on Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in 2017. Recent flood disasters nationally have attracted more attention to proposals in the current […]