MCC News: NFIP Extension and Winter Storm Info

MCC News: NFIP Extension and Winter Storm Info
Prepare for the upcoming winter storm
A large winter storm has brought wind and snow to a majority of the country, but is expected to bring rain, wind, and coastal flooding to the Northeast.  Be aware that the storm could bring: 

-1-3 inches of rain 
-40 mph to 75 mph southerly wind gusts
-Minor to moderate coastal flooding, depending on the direction the coast faces 
-Bitter cold in the days following the storm

The storm is expected to impact New England as soon as this afternoon, lasting until Saturday morning.  The MCC urges you to prepare by doing simple things such as:

-Having a preparedness kit 
-Elevating items from lower floors incase they flood
-Brining in and strapping down outdoor items to prevent debris 

For more flood resources, visit our downloads page HERE

NFIP expected to be extended to September 30th, 2023
Last week, Congress passed a one-week continuing resolution avoiding a government shutdown and a lapse of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) until December 23rd. This allowed Congress to work on a funding bill by December 23rd that will extend government spending, and the NFIP, to September 30th 2023.As of today, there has been a slowdown in the progress of the bill, but there is optimism that a spending bill will pass by December 23rd at midnight to prevent a lapse in the NFIP. 

Should the bill not pass, the MCC will send updates that the NFIP has lapsed.