Keeping an Eye on Isaias

Watching Isaias In the last 24 hours, NOAA has the projected track of Hurricane Isaias to have the eye of the storm track over southern Massachusetts sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday. Right now, the storm is projected to be a tropical storm at that time, with sustained winds around 65mph with gusts around 75mph.  The […]

MCC Events: Ins and Outs of Private Flood

Flood Risk Friday: Private Flood Ins and Outs As our nation experiences more floods, the demand for flood insurance increases. And with many options in the marketplace, the NFIP is no longer your only choice. We will be joined by Marc Treacy from Verisk Analytics to learn more about private flood and to get an idea of […]

Marshfield Flood Maps Change Today

Today, the flood maps in Marshfield have changed.  This means effective today, all zone and flood elevation changes take effect.  Here are some things you should do right away: -Check our website or the FEMA flood hazard layer which has already been updated to reflect the map change.-If you have been newly moved into any […]