NFIP Legislative Update- Coalition Meets With Legislative Staff

NFIP Legislative Update- Coalition Meets With Legislative Staff

MCCC Meets With Legislative Staff on 2017 NFIP Reform

The Marshfield Citizen Coastal Coalition had a very constructive meeting last week with reps from Senator Warren’s office, Congressman Keating’s office, Congressman Lynch’s office, State Rep Jim Cantwell, and South Shore Chamber of Commerce members Geoff Gordon of Gordon Atlantic Insurance and Stephen Marcus of Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks. We discussed issues related to National Flood Insurance Reauthorization bills that are working their way through both the House and Senate this week and next. Your input does matter, and we are working hard for all stakeholders involved!


the House Financial Services Committee completed the rest of the flood insurance markup, passing the remaining five bills out of committee.

HR 2875: the NFIP Administrative Reform Act by Rep. Nydia Velazquez, passed 58-0. This bills allows for additional ICC Coverage and improves the claims process.

HR 1558: the Repeatedly Flooded Communities Act by Rep. Royce.

HR 1422: the Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization  Act passed on a vote of 58-0.

HR 2565: which uses replacement costs in determining premium values, passed on a vote of 34-25.

HR 2246: the Taxpayer Exposure Mitigation Act of 2017, passed on a vote of 36-24.

HR 2874: Congressman Duffy bill which includes several of the most harmful provisions, including:

  • Removing grandfathering 1/1/21
  • Prohibiting offering coverage on new construction in Special Flood Hazard Areas and properties with claims that exceed twice the replacement value on 1/1/21
  • Increasing surcharges
  • Increasing the annual floor of increases from 5% to 8%.

Link to comment sheets

Link to full legislative summaries and text


From your feedback and input, the MCCC, in cooperation with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders, has written a letter to Congress, outlining our priorities in general.  This letter is in the hands of our Representatives in Washington.  Reinforce the letter by signing on, and stay tuned as legislation is moving very fast through Washington.  We will be sending updates as frequently as we know of changes and need your help!  The letter is on our website home page:

Listen to Chair Joe Rossi give a full legislative update TONIGHT, Monday June 26th on 95.9 WATD at 6:40PM

MCCC Forms Partnership With Town of Marshfield on CRS

The Marshfield Coastal Coalition is happy to announce a partnership with the Town of Marshfield to work towards better Community Rating Service credits.  This program, known as CRS, gives discounts to flood policy holders if the community documents their efforts to reduce flooding.  With more to come, we are excited to be working on behalf of those we represent- You the policy holder!