Coalition Update- Don’t miss upcoming meetings!


This past week, MCCC Chair Joe Rossi spoke in front of 200 flood experts and FEMA leadership on how we will achieve the FEMA goal of doubling the amount of flood policies (both NFIP and Private) by 2023. He addressed the MCCC policy holder survey and input from our associated stakeholders. Because of this, FEMA invited Joe to participate and work with FEMA in Washington, DC on a FEMA task force to understand how to improve the consumer experience with flood insurance. This is a great opportunity, especially for those policy holders that want and need change in the interaction with their flood product.


August 15th: The Marshfield and Scituate Coastal Coalitions are having a flood insurance legislative update at 7:30pm at the Community Room at the Scituate Library on Branch Street.  The update will follow a Scituate Selectman’s candidate forum from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

August 29th: The Town of Marshfield will begin its Hazard Mitigation Plan with the first public information meeting at 6:00 PM at the Ventress Memorial Library’s New Program Room.


With multiple competing bills in both the US House and US Senate, no agreement was met or votes taken on any bills prior to the summer recess.  When the legislators return, there will be only 12 legislative days to reauthorize the flood program!  However, we expect a short term reauthorization and DO NOT expect the program to lapse.