Today, April 1st, brings a series of new changes to the NFIP that WILL affect you.


Below is a simplified summary of the changes:


Newly mapped in structure procedure

Structures entering the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) for the first time will be added through a new procedure. Before entering the SFHA, you will be grandfathered if you purchase the Preferred Risk Policy. Technically, you will have one year from the new maps effective date to obtain a PRP, but to simplify this process, we are suggesting that homeowners buy the PRP BEFORE you enter the special flood hazard are for the first time.   The new maps for Marshfield, which are still under appeal, have no definite release date at this point.


New deductible

A $10,000 deductable is now available, giving a significant reduction to premiums. However, remember that a $10,000 deductable will also apply to the contents as well.


Premium Increases

Premiums will now no longer be able to go up more than 18% a year, excluding surcharges and fees. Premiums for pre-FIRM second homes, severe repetitive loss, and substantially improved properties will be capped at 25% excluding surcharges and fees


-Surcharges and Fees

For new and renewed policies, there will be a $25 surcharge assessed to your policy. For non-primary, non-residential, and other residential buildings, there will be a $250 surcharge assessed to your policy. These also apply to the PRP.

All policies will see an increase of the Federal Policy Fee of $45 per policy except PRPs, which will see $25 fee


While these changes can be complicated, we have been producing easy to understand tables that are on our website under the MCCC downloads page