CRS Flood Insurance Outreach Next Week

CRS Flood Insurance Outreach Next Week
Marshfield CRS/PPI Committee Holding Flood Insurance Outreach – All Welcome
The Marshfield Community Rating System Committee invites Marshfield citizens and others to its annual flood insurance digital outreach.  The outreach will consist of a short presentation on flood insurance followed by Question and Answers.  It will be a live webinar held at 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday March 31st Registration is required and can be found HERE 
On October 1st 2020, Marshfield’s Class 7 CRS discounts took effect.  All NFIP policy renewals that occurred on or after October 1st of 2020 have the CRS discount as part of the renewal.  To further encourage resiliency in the community, and to address ongoing concerns and questions on flood insurance, the Marshfield CRS Committee’s flood insurance outreach will discuss the following:
-The basics of NFIP rating
-How to save money on flood insurance
-Info on private flood insurance
-What to do after a flood insurance claim 

Additionally, the Committee will spend time answering attendees’ specific questions on flood insurance on both their own flood policy, and any generic questions that attendees have.
For more information on CRS and the Committee, go to or email Committee Chair Joe Rossi at

Wednesday March 31st, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Online Zoom meeting.  Registration required, and can be found HERE

The outreach will consist of a brief overview of flood insurance, followed by questions and answers on flood insurance related topic.   A link to the meeting notice and agenda can be found HERE

Note: We will address as many questions as we can during the time allotted.  Please submit questions when you register in order for us to have thorough answers prepared.