Email 10/28/14


After much anticipation, we are happy to unveil the NEW and improved Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition website! This website offers several new great features:

-Better compatibility over different browsers and devices

-Easier to use and follow

-More content in an easier to read format

-More user interaction

We are proud to unveil this site because YOU made it happen! This website was only possible by donations by users like you! Now that we have a new platform, we continue to need your donations in order to purchase software that will allow homeowners to quote their own flood policies on their own, an online cloud and conference interface so you can attend meetings online, and more!


Flood update

The NFIP continues to unveil a timeline for the HFIAA. New rate tables will be coming out in April of 2015. We unfortunately found out that X zone rates will be increasing 10% a year, rather then the anticipated 2%. For these reasons, we are taking a lead in developing how the 2017 piece of legislation that will replace Biggert-Waters and the HFIAA will look. We are still developing our project plan, however we know these meetings will take place via conference calls, and start in December.