Email 4/26/14

Welcome to another update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition

While it has been a while since we have sent an update out, we have been working behind the scenes and now have a lot of information to share.

Most importantly, Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting is this Monday, April 28th, at Furnace Brook Middle School auditorium at 7:00pm.  We have one article that we are strongly encouraging support for.  Article 16 of Annual Town Meeting allows houses to be raised higher than they currently can be.  Right now, the max height of a structure (35 feet) is based off of measurement from the ground.  Article 16 allows that measurement to be from the height of the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).  This is critical for people raising the houses.

We also urge the support of Article 12 of Annual Town Meeting.
From the town warrant:
The town has applied for a grant as part of the state Coastal Community Resiliency Grant Program to evaluate alternatives, such as providing beach nourishment, conducting jetty repair, constructing off shore structures or other measures for the purpose of reducing impact from coastal storms, to reduce erosion, flooding, and storm damage to property and infrastructure in the area of Hewitt’s Point. One or more measures will be selected and a design will be developed for permitting and future construction. The program requires 25 percent matching funds from the Town.

We URGE support of these two articles.

Also, the work we have been doing behind the scenes is establishing bylaws to better operate the MCCC.  These bylaws will be voted in by the Executive Board the first few weeks of May.  Then, we will start advertising for applications for open Executive Board positions.  We will be posting our bylaws on our website once they are voted in.

There have been developments with local and Federal legislation, and we will be sending out an email this weekend with details and documents about this.

Thank you.