Email 5/12/14

Welcome to an update from the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition

We want to thank everyone who has stood by us for the last 2 years we have existed.  We have a few big changes ahead of us:

We now accept donations!
Please help us as we move forward!  Even a little can go a long way.  See the link below for more information:!.html

New Bylaws
As of June 1st, the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition will be operating under a set of bylaws.  These bylaws also allow us to expand the Executive Board by 3 members.  We will soon be soliciting applications for citizens to apply.  You can find a copy of the bylaws at the link below:

Appeal Update
Many of you have asked the status of our map appeal we made back in October.  FEMA, by law, must respond to every appeal submitted, whether it is considered valid or not.  Unfortunately, FEMA did not adhere to this law, and did not respond to our appeal.  FEMA only accepted one of the several appeals made by the Town of Marshfield, and while the maps are delayed, FEMA has not indicated what their next step is.  We will continue to follow the situation.