Emergency Orders of Replacement NOW IN EFFECT

Starting on January 27th, and through February 27th, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) has issued an Emergency Declaration for the entire state of Massachusetts. This allows certain items to be done without standard permitting AS LONG as you provide written notification to the Marshfield Conservation Commission and the DEP Regional Office before, February 2, 2015.


Per the Declaration: “the written notification provides a detailed description of the post-storm activities performed or to be performed and certifies that the post-storm activities are limited to those necessary to restore conditions existing on January 26, 2015 and are necessary to protect public health or safety from damage caused by the January 2015 Blizzard on January 27, 2015 and the post-storm activities are completed by February 27, 2015


Here is the list of items that can be performed under this emergency declaration:


  • Removal of objects and debris
  • Removal of objects and debris blocking culverts, bridges, streams, or river channels
  • Repair, stabilizing, and shoring up, but not expansion, of any building, foundation or other structure where the work is limited to the footprint of the structure that existed on January 26, 2015 and the cost of restoring the building or structure to its pre-storm condition does not exceed fifty percent (50%), of the market value of the building or structure immediately prior to the storm damage.
  • Repair to septic systems caused by the storm and not requiring a variance of Title 5
  • Removal of debris necessary to clear a roadway
  • Repair, but not the expansion or realignment, of a roadway, bridge, causeway, or railway passing over or through a wetland resource area, dam, or culvert.
  • Repair, but not the expansion or realignment, of a culvert
  • Repair of publicly operated wastewater or drinking water treatment plants.
  • Repair or replacement of utility lines, poles and pipes
  • Repair, but not the expansion, of manmade stormwater management structures
  • Installation of temporary diversion structures to divert floodwaters or urban drainage.
  • Discharge of water pumped from flooded buildings


For the full Declaration, please download it from our website: