Flood Insurance Summit- THANK YOU and Final Email


We would like to first take a moment to thank everyone who attended or showed interest in the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition 2016 Flood Insurance Summit!

Our two day, three session event was attended by almost 400 people, and brought much needed attention, education and interest to our local area and flooding issues.

A few things to close out our Summit!


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Sometimes it can be difficult to tailor a large conference to individual needs. We realize there was some information that was very helpful and descriptive, and some that was not as comprehensive as our audience would have liked. We realize there were some things that worked and went well, and some things that did not go exactly according to plan.

Some feedback we received and would like to address and things we will work hard to improve going forward:
-While the Summit may have been a little commercialized, we do appreciate the good information that was still available to those that attended
-Timing of the sessions was difficult but certainly an administrative issue that will be clarified going forward to be more beneficial for all
-We would like to take a moment and recognize our insurance agents who attended.  We want to THANK you.  While there may be localized issues with insurance agents as a generality across the county, we have an extremely talented and educated group of agents in Massachusetts and appreciate all you do for us and your clients.

We appreciate ANY and ALL feedback regarding the Summit!  Our volunteer boards worked hard to try our best to provide the highest level of education possible.  However, we appreciate all feedback and take nothing personally and will consider all feedback for input on future events.  So please fill out our anonymous survey HERE!

We need to know how we did so we can make our next event even better! We can only improve with your input!


Both our Flood Insurance Summit website and our Flood Insurance Summit page on the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition website have changed to reflect post Summit materials.  Both pictures of the Summit and slideshows that were presented by our featured presenter Lisa Jones are now online!

Summit Photos: HERE

Carolina Flood Solutions: http://www.carolinafloodsolutions.com/

Coalition for Sustainable Flood Insurance Presentation: [wpdm_file id=16]


Within the next month, we will have Summit meeting minutes available for download as well.


  • Please click HERE to read the great article from the Marshfield Mariner
  • Please click HERE here to listen to a wrap up from WATD


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Our focus will now turn to the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program in 2017.  We are busy with trips planed to Washington D.C., New Orleans and more all to advocate on your behalf.  We CAN make a difference in 2017!

There is a lot of activity ahead at the Coalition!  You don’t want to miss out!

If you need more information, or feel you need more personalized sessions or educational programs, PLEASE reach out to us!  We are YOUR coastal resource here in Massachusetts!