Get Your Opinion Heard

Get Your Opinion Heard

Call For Opinion Columns

The MCC will be issuing our first quarterly newsletter on October 15th! If you are getting this email, you will receive our newsletter.

As we prepare for the release of our newsletter, we are asking for YOUR participation. Every newsletter will feature an opinion column written by one of our members (meaning you!). We have some guidelines for submissions:

  • 400 to 500 words
  • Opinions must NOT target an individual, agency, community or group
  • Opinions must be written respectfully and have context to a coastal or flood related issue

While we expect to have several opinion submissions, we will only be running one per newsletter. We look forward to your input!


Why the Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause matters to you

After Hurricane Florence, the Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause was discussed in depth as it was put to use by insurance companies. What is this clause? According to the clause, if two events — like wind and water damage — occur close together but only one of them is covered, the insurer doesn’t have to pay for either one. Many coastal insurance carriers have a requirement that if your home is in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) that you are required to have flood insurance regardless if you have a mortgage or not. HOWEVER, some of the insurance carriers are not asking for proof of flood coverage. Many insurance agents are not even aware of the requirement when placing the home insurance with carriers who require flood insurance. Some of these homeowners claims will be or could be denied due to not having flood insurance or not knowing about this clause.

Read the NY Post Article HERE

What’s Coming in the Newsletter?

  • Meet our new board members!
  • Find out about major October 1st changes
  • What are April 1st annual increases going to be?
  • Read about how banks are following the flood rules in a mini study by Joe Rossi and Tim Cary called Mandatory Purchase: Bigger than Banks.
  • Get Sue’s real estate flood tips.
  • How can you save money on flood insurance?

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