Chair Joe Rossi has begun a short national flood tour.

Due to the need to network and understand the issues at a national level, the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition will be representing Marshfield and Massachusetts at several national flood meetings this week.


Friday March 20th: On Friday, Joe will be meeting with the director of national coalition, CSFI, Caitlin Berni, in New Orleans. The meeting will be centered around ideas and our focus as we head to 2017, and also some unique issues facing each region of the country.


Sunday March 22nd: Following the meeting with CSFI, Joe will be attending the National Flood Zone Determination Association annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. This meeting will be one of the most important flood meetings of the year. At this meeting there will be Washington level members of FEMA, the chair of FEMA’s Technical Mapping Advisory Council, several bank regulators, and national leaders in local and federal flood policy. When we return from the trip, we will be bringing back a wealth of flood knowledge and expanding our ever-growing network. At the same time, we hope to be able to offer more products and services to better our understanding of flood as a community.


We are constantly working to bring back a better understanding of the NFIP. In a few weeks, we have exciting news coming about our executive board and next week we will be giving updates on some NFIP developments nationally and a recap of what we learned.