Guide to Filing a Flood Claim


On January 4th, 2018, areas of the South Shore of Massachusetts saw some of the worst flooding since 1978.   A high tide at 12:30PM, plus a king tide (2 extra feet of tide) plus an additional 3 feet of surge made for a historic event.  This event will show how our communities are vulnerable, but also resilient.  In the 40 years since the blizzard of 1978, our local communities have worked hard to rebuild seawalls, elevate homes, and take the necessary precautions to prevent large events like this from becoming devastating.


IF YOU HAVE STORM PHOTOS, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO US.  We will not share them without your permission, but it is important to catalog this event


The MCCC has developed some general claims guidance if you are filing a flood insurance claim.  The guidance is general, but has links to official FEMA documentation.  Please use this to get started if you are filing a NFIP flood insurance claim.  Download the claims guidance HERE.


Over the next several days, the MCCC will be in the media, both on TV, radio and newspaper.  Stay tuned, as our next battle will be the expiration of the NFIP on January 19th of this year.