Mapping Statement on New FIRMs

Marshfield Coastal Coalition Update:

On November 6th, 2015, new FIRMs (flood Insurance Rate Maps) were issued for Marshfield, Scituate and Duxbury. These maps are the result of the work of the consultants hired by the three towns to improve accuracy of the maps.

Currently, there are several ways to view the new FIRMs. Through FEMA websites, the Town of Marshfield website, and the MCCC website. We have a page dedicated to the new FIRMs on our website with a direct link on our website homepage.

Marshfield GIS: peopleforms/mo4/index.php? site_id=1474

MCCC PDF Maps: http://www. marshfieldcoastalcoalition. org/?page_id=119

In the coming weeks, there will be meetings by the Town of Marshfield about the maps, followed in January with a flood map reading by the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition. Please pay attention as there will be a lot of information to come.

While we are in a 30 day comment period, this does not affect the availability of low rate policies for those entering the flood zone for the first time. The Preferred Risk Policy for those structures can be purchased up until the FIRM effective date, which right now is estimated to be in June/July 2016.