Marshfield Coastal Coalition Rebrands


 For Immediate Release

Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition Rebrands to go National

Marshfield and Massachusetts Coastal Coalitions combine and rebrand as the MCC


After 6 years of amazing success, The Marshfield and Massachusetts Coastal Coalitions have combined and rebranded as the MCC.  This acronym based name will broaden the Coalition to focus both locally and nationally.

The change to MCC, which means both Marshfield and Massachusetts, will include the following changes:

A new mission statement

The mission of the MCC is to educate, advocate, and inform professionals and stakeholders regionally and nationally, on flood hazards.

This will also include new goals, coming soon.


A new website

The new website,, will be live in the second quarter of 2018.  This new website will be substantially different, and will now offer tools for our constituents to use.  Our current web address will forward to the new site when it goes live.


A new structure

The new MCC bylaws help structure and broaden the Board of Directors and our mission.  We are now looking to bring on talented volunteers to serve in 3 newly created Board seats.  Our Chair, Joe Rossi, will now also serve as Executive Director.


The same focus

While we look to continue our mission nationally, we will always be local.  We are directly involved in helping to lower the Town of Marshfield flood insurance premiums, organizing local outreaches, and working on education opportunities.


There will be a transition period, where we still use the Marshfield and Massachusetts Coastal Coalition name and logo.


For more information, or for any questions, please visit