MCC Podcast: Technology is changing flood insurance

MCC Podcast: Technology is changing flood insurance
Jim Albert, Founder Of Neptune Flood Insurance, Joins The Podcast
Know Flood Newscast Ep 9 – Jim Albert
Technology has become a major factor in the future of insurance, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in the quickly evolving flood insurance industry.  Joe and Tim talk to Jim Albert, founder of Neptune private flood insurance, about how technology is not only improving the flood product, but the buying experience.  And that experience is expanding to all parts of our lives.  Jim discuses how new flood risk data is changing our perception on flood insurance.  Jim also talks about a recent survey Neptune did showing that while many households do not purchase flood insurance, the survey also dives into why they don’t purchase it.  Listen as Jim talks about the future of flood insurance, and where the industry is headed.  
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Upcoming Podcast: Mitigation Is The Future 
Podcast Episode 10 – Tom Little
The MCC has been focused in recent years on helping mitigate flood risk.  And no one, and no company, knows mitigation and solutions to mitigation like Smart Vent, Risk Reduction Plus, and  We hear the word “mitigation” all the time, but what does it really mean to those with flood risk?  Tom Little, Executive Vice President, talks about mitigation and its impact on flood insurance and loss reduction.  Joe and Tim also discuss with Tom the future of flood mitigation, and how complicated issues like Risk Rating 2.0 will change floodplain management.  Tom also gives his thoughts on how far we’ve come after just passing the 8 year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. 
Coming in November.