Resources For Coastal Storm Saturday

Resources For Coastal Storm Saturday
Prepare now for major coastal storm Saturday
From Friday night to Saturday night, a major winter storm will impact the Northeast.  You have probably heard that one is coming and perhaps some details.   Regardless, at the MCC we are here to tell you how this may affect you and how to prepare:
The Storm
The Nor’easter will be the first blizzard the region has seen since 2018.  This storm will also be a bombogenesis, also known as a bomb cyclone, which means as it passes by the storm rapidly intensifies.  
Some forecasts are calling for:
-Up to 20+ inches of snow
-Tides are mid-astronomical (higher than usual) and moderate coastal flooding is expected
-Wind gusts possibly over 70 mph in coastal counties 

More will be available in days to come and may change as meteorologists learn more.
The Impacts
There will likely be impacts to communities in our region.  In general, those impacts could be:

-Damaging winds that could cause debris and loose items to become airborne
-Areas prone to flooding will have a high likelihood of moderate flooding
-The Saturday 8:00am and 9:00pm high tides are currently of most concern.  
-Waves will have time to build due to the winds and could be more impactful later in the day, especially in northeast facing communities and those with a large fetch.
-This is anticipated to be a prolonged storm and the snow impacts will be significant throughout the weekend
As usual, the MCC has helpful resources for you to prepare.  The key messages for our region are:

-Move or secure items which could be affected by strong winds, such as grills and deck furniture to prevent them from damaging your home and others
-Elevate important items to higher elevation to prevent flood damage.  This should include automobiles and items such as lawn mowers, snow-blowers and other valuables.
-Listen to local authorities on what to do before, during and after the storm.
-If you have them, inspect and test power generators.
-Install useful phone apps, such as those from National Grid and Eversource to monitor and report power outages and weather monitoring tools.
-Monitor news from your local community website. Have emergency contact numbers close at hand should they be needed.
-Be sure to check on friends and neighbors that may need help in preparing for the storm and dealing with its aftermath.
The MCC has several helpful downloads that can help you prepare for the storm and the aftermath:

 –CRS brochure on preparedness
MCC guidance on flood claims
Post disaster financial resources

If you have any further questions, you can reach us through our website at or at