Statement on Mapping

What Happened: There was one Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) appeal and one additional sets of data submitted by the Towns of Marshfield and Scituate that FEMA recognized. The appeal was discussed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP). This panel had a total of 5 members from the scientific community. These members were picked from all across the country with specific knowledge of coastal science. Four of these scientist represented Marshfield and Scituate, and one represented FEMA. The SRP was charged with discussing and validating the data in the appeals as valid according to FEMA guidelines

The Results: The Ransom Consulting appeal focused on wave height and wave period used to compute the wave setup on the FIRMs. This appeal was denied based on the fact that the arguments and data did not satisfy the NFIP mapping standards. This was a unanimous decision by all the members of the SRP.

The additional data submitted by the Woods Hole Group was considered and accepted as valuable to the mapping process. According to FEMA, any proposed FIRMs with changes would be issues around October. This may result in revisions in some of the FIRMs in Marshfield and Scituate.

What you can do: There was a list of structures that may be newly mapped for the first time under the original preliminary FIRMs that were released in 2013. This list is based on the original “new maps” that were appealed and will change if the “final maps” the town adopts are slightly different. It will give general idea of how things look at present.

In addition to those that may be added for the first time, there are those that are already in the A or V zone that may be seeing an increase in their Base Flood Elevation. When the revised FIRMs come out in October, please check the maps to see the change for your structure.

Under the current FIRMs in force, if your house is either not in a flood zone, or in a C, B, or X zone, and under the proposed FIRMs you are being moved into a V or A zone (Known as the Special Flood Hazard Area, SFHA), then you should purchase the Preferred Risk Policy (PRP). You are NOT eligible for a PRP if you are currently in the SFHA. A PRP can be as low as $130, and at the present time will guarantee grandfathering for those eligible. For those eligible, having a PRP is the CHEAPEST WAY TO BECOME GRANDFATHERED. To be grandfathered under a PRP, you MUST purchase a PRP BEFORE the Flood Insurance Rate Maps become effective. WE CURRENTLY DO NOT KNOW THE DATE THE MAPS WILL BECOME EFFECTIVE. We will have proper notification of this date.