Statement on Marshfield and Duxbury Updated Flood Maps

Statement on Marshfield and Duxbury Updated Flood Maps

In the coming weeks, the Towns of Duxbury and Marshfield will receive updated Flood Maps resulting from their revision of FEMA’s controversial flood maps of 2016. This will happen in two phases:

Phase 1: Duxbury will receive revised maps that will also include 39 properties in Marshfield located near Duxbury. All properties in the impacted areas will see either no change or a more beneficial flood zone and/or flood elevation. The changes for these properties will become effective 4 months after FEMA issues a Letter of Map Revision Document.

Phase 2: In the next 60 days, Marshfield will receive from FEMA fully updated flood maps covering the entire town, followed by a 90 day public review/comment period. The flood maps will require approval at the Annual Town Meeting, possibly in April 2020 and become effective some time around then. More information to come.

To view the 39 Marshfield properties and the change in flood elevation, click HERE

To view more details of these changes, review the presentation HERE


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