Timeline and LOMA Re-validation Information

Timeline and LOMA Re-validation Information


Below is an updated timeline developed by the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition.  This includes all meeting dates and insurance deadlines.  These are all important dates, and encourage everyone to attend the meetings and pay attention to their own individual situations.


  • SEPTEMBER 29th: Selectmen informational meeting with the Woods Hole Group, on the Letter of Map Revision process.  The meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29 at Furnace Brook Middle School.


  • OCTOBER 24th :  The date of Marshfield Special Town Meeting.  This meeting will be where the town citizens will be asked to adopt the FIRMs by a vote of 2/3.  A yes vote will adopt the new FIRMs.  A no vote would reject the new FIRMs
  • NOVEMBER 4th : The date most flood insurance related decisions must be made by.  NOTE: Flood Insurance, unless done for a loan closing or a rollover, has a 30 day waiting period to go into effect.  Flood insurance policies will be considered grandfathered as long as the INSURANCE COMPANY acknowledges receipt of payment as of 11:59PM November 3rd.  HOWEVER, due to the 30 day waiting period, your LENDER may still ask for flood insurance.  This will be an issue that you will have to discuss on a lender by lender basis.
  • OCTOBER 4th  2017 : For those who waited for coverage of newly mapped properties, coverage must be secured (less 30 day waiting period) by this date or the structure will not be grandfathered.


Those with Letter of Map Amendments (LOMAs) have asked if those letters will remain in place once the new maps become effective.  Before the flood maps become effective, FEMA will “re-validate” the LOMAs based on the proposed maps.  This will check to see if the proposed Base Flood Elevation will be higher than what the LOMA is effective to under the current map.  This letter has been issued, and can be found here under download #14: http://www.marshfieldcoastalcoalition.org/?page_id=329