Urgent Flood Program Changes



Were you newly mapped into a flood zone in last years map revision?

Have you purchased insurance yet?

Not sure if you were newly mapped?


NOVEMBER 3rd 2017 is the LAST day you can purchase the newly mapped flood insurance policy!


If you were newly mapped from the “X” zone (not in a flood zone) then were moved into a flood zone in the November 2016 flood map change, this is important to you!  If you do not buy a flood insurance policy by November 3rd, 2017, you will NOT be grandfathered.  Newly mapped rates go up at 15% a year, but not getting this policy will subject you to higher rates immediately.  


Confused?  Download our PRP Timeline document HERE or email us any time! 

MAJOR CHANGES TO THE NFIP IN 2018 (non-legislative)

Every October, FEMA publishes their major changes to the NFIP for April 1st.  This includes average rate increases for April 1st

 Here are two of the major changes of 2018:

  1. The average policy will increase 8%  For a full list of average increase, download our April 1st increase memo HERE
  2. FEMA will allow a policyholder and policyholder’s spouse to have more than one primary residence. This change will accommodate those situations in which each spouse may reside more than 50 percent of the year at a separate residence. There will be REQUIRED documentation which will include a license and signed affidavit, just to name a few.