We Are Officially A Nonprofit

We Are Officially A Nonprofit
The MCC Is Now A Non Profit

The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition is proud to announce that we have received our 501c3 nonprofit status! This means that donations to the Coalition are now tax deductible. We are funded 100% grass roots, and your donations help us continue doing work such as our 2018 spring outreaches which brought post-disaster information to hundreds of residents all across our state.

Find us now on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition (links to each of these are at the bottom of each of our emails)

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Claims Survey

The MCC is working to improve the claims process. As a result of your input at our outreaches, we are supplying information on what went well and what didn’t go well in the NFIP claims process.

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NFC Recap

Chair and Executive Director of the MCC, Joe Rossi, spoke on three expert panels at the National Flood Conference. In his remarks, Joe received national praise for the work the MCC has done on educating citizens about new maps, post-disaster outreach and more. View Joe’s notes from the conference (On the “Presentation” tab)

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