Keeping an Eye on Isaias

Keeping an Eye on Isaias
Watching Isaias
In the last 24 hours, NOAA has the projected track of Hurricane Isaias to have the eye of the storm track over southern Massachusetts sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday.
Right now, the storm is projected to be a tropical storm at that time, with sustained winds around 65mph with gusts around 75mph.  The path and severity of the storm is subject to change and is evolving.
This is a good reminder to take precautions NOW for both Isaias and the remainder of hurricane season.  In an article we published several months ago, the MCC highlighted that with COVID-19 also an ongoing threat, there are things you can do to protect your home and health:

-Elevate critical items out of vulnerable areas
-Bring in and strap down loose outdoor items
-Know where your insurance documents are
-Review coverages, both home and flood, for proper protection
-Ensure you have an emergency kit, including water, flashlight and batteries 

The MCC has a Hurricane Center on our Downloads page for our members, where you can download many different hurricane preparedness guidelines.
Also, we have a link to a storm and surge tracker that you can also find here
We will update you as updates continue to be made available.