Update: Isaias Impact on New England

Update: Isaias Impact on New England
Storm To Arrive Tomorrow
Hurricane Isaias will arrive in New England between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Currently, most of our area is in a Tropical Storm Warning, and will affect most areas for 6-12 hours. 
According to NOAA, New England should be prepared for:
-Wind gusts of 40 to 60 mph across parts of the region (not everyone will experience these wind speeds).
-Minor damage such as downed trees and power lines could result.
-Rainfall of 2 to 4 inches in Western Mass. resulting in minor poor drainage flooding, with lesser amounts in eastern Massachusetts, where totals may be less than 1 inch.
-Possible minor coastal flooding along the south coast Tuesday evening. 
This situation is evolving and could still change.
To prepare, the MCC has a hurricane resource page found here for our members.  Remember, Hurricane Season runs to November 30th, and it is likely there are more events we will need to prepare for in 2020.
Also, see the hurricane storm tracker here.