Listen To The New Know Flood Newscast

Listen To The New Know Flood Newscast
Joe and Tim talk to Chris Heidrick
Podcast Episode 5, 2020: Chris Heidrick
Joe and Tim talk to Chris Heidrick, past Chair and member of the Flood Insurance Producers National Committee and owner of Heidrick & Company Insurance.  Among the wide ranging interview topics of Risk Rating 2.0 and private flood insurance, we focus in on how the NFIP’s customer experience has changed over the years.  Since Chris has testified in front of Congress on the NFIP, we also discuss NFIP legislative reform, and how 2020 may look for the flood industry.  
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Podcast Episode 6, 2020: Dr. Carolyn Kousky
From private flood, to Risk Rating 2.0, to a changing climate.  A lot is going on in the world of flood.  Carolyn, Director for Policy Research and Engagement at the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania, has worked on and published countless research papers and reports on the NFIP, private flood and the impacts on mitigation to the flood program.  Joe and Tim talk to Carolyn about all of these topics, and find out some interesting statistics and data about where the flood world is headed.

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