Upcoming Events: National Flood Conference

Upcoming Events: National Flood Conference
Upcoming Events: National Flood Conference
Each year, Chair and Executive Director Joe Rossi speaks at the National Flood Conference.  This conference is a gathering of industry experts and those that are interested in flood insurance to hear various topics in regards to the NFIP, flood mapping, the future of flood insurance and more.   This year, the conference is free and online. 
The conference runs from June 1st to June 3rd, and a link to register is here: REGISTER 

Joe will be on the following panels:

Communicating Flood Map Changes: June 1st from 1:20pm to 2:20pm
Through Risk MAP, FEMA continues to update the nation’s flood maps. However, these changes are not always met with open arms by residents and business owners. This workshop will explore what tools and resources are available for local officials as well as insurance, real estate and other professionals to better communicate changing flood risk and its impacts. In addition, success stories from the field will be shared by an insurance agent and community official.

The importance of flood insurance in a time of world crisis: June 2nd from 2:25pm to 3:25pm
Flood and hurricane seasons are upon us and even during a world health crisis, such disasters still occur. How do you demonstrate the importance of the coverage and address issues as “social distancing” in such an environment? How do the causes of financial stress from the pandemic compare to the cause of financial stress from a flood loss? How will the claims process change during the COVID19 “new norm?” Learn important talking points to educate consumers on the importance of flood insurance- especially now. What are the five financial silos of financial recovery and resilience in the event of a flood?
Other Upcoming Events
Flood Insurance Risk Awareness– With COVID-19 taking most of our bandwidth, the MCC wants to remind stakeholders on what they can do to reduce their risk. Join Chair Joe Rossi and other experts as we discuss risk awareness during COVID-19. Registration is required.
-When: June 19th , 2020
-Where: Register here
NFIP VS Private Flood- As our nation experiences more floods, so does the demand for flood insurance.  And with many options in the marketplace, the NFIP is now not your only choice.  Learn more about private flood from experts who write it, and see what your options are.
-When: July
-Where: Webinar Link Coming Soon
Missed the last webinar?

Our webinar on Map Changes was recorded and is available for you to watch any time on our website.  A link is here: https://knowflood.org/events