Recovering From March Nor’easter

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As predicted, the March 2018 Nor’easter has caused extensive damage to many of our communities.  From undermined homes, damaged seawalls, and flooded neighborhoods, our coastal areas have suffered damage unseen in many years.

The most important step is a strong recovery.  The MCC has some recommendations for you to recover.  Read this BEFORE you start cleanup:

Take photos of what was lost BEFORE you clean up.

-Contact your insurance agent right away- You have 60 days to file your proof of loss

-If your building is substantially damaged, contact your community for assistance.

-Decks are not covered under a flood policy.

-If you have a home that was flooded, secure it! More storms are coming, and some items may be excluded if you allow water to continue to damage the building.

-Disaster assistance is only available if we get a Presidential disaster declaration.

-Remember:  A loss within 10 days of each other are considered the same loss.

The MCC has developed two great tools for you:

-Our post disaster resource guide: CLICK HERE

-Our ins and outs to filing a flood insurance claim: CLICK HERE

-There is a suspension of some requirements for cleanup under DEP (check with your community first).  The guidance form DEP is here: CLICK HERE 

In the coming months, the MCC will be doing a series of state wide outreaches to assist with this issue.


Storm Photos and Video Online

On our new website,, we have photos and videos of the storm posted on our MEDIA page.  Continue to check back for more pictures and videos.