Truly Severe Storm is Anticipated

The MCC cannot emphasize enough the severity of the impending storm.


According to the National Weather Service:


-This will be a top storm of all time

-This storm does have the capability to destroy coastal property

-The tide in this storm, between Friday at 11:20am and Friday at 11:49pm, is not expected to go out.  A surge of up to 5 feet will keep the tide high even during low tide.

-Swells of between 25’ and 35’ are expected

-Wind gusts of up to 70mph are expected

-Surge of at least 3-4ft in most areas


TAKE ACTION NOW.  In addition to protecting property, if you feel inclined to evacuate, do not wait for the tides to begin to roll in. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF LOCAL EMERGENCY OFFICIALS


RESOURCES: The MCC has several resources available for actions after a storm:

-Our guide to filing a flood insurance claim: CLICK HERE

-Our public resources guide for financial assistance: CLICK HERE


Images of the storm can be reported to Coastal Zone Management through their reporting site:


We will be posting videos of the storm on our website, so please stay tuned.